2 min readJun 24, 2021

It is time to reveal only the 2nd ULTRA-MEGA MANSION in the history of the world of NFTs.

ULTRA-MEGA MANSION’s come from the NFT collection known as RABBIT HOLES. The Rabbit Holes Collection is created by LeftHouse and the LeftHouse crew.

There are 5 levels in the Rabbit Holes rarity structure and the ULTRA-MEGA MASION is the rarest cards in the Rabbit Holes Collection. It is a mint 1 0f 1 and is auctioned off with 90% of the proceeds going to charity through the charity.

The ULTRA-MEGA MANSION is also created by an artist hand picked by LeftHouse and this version of DOWN THE HOLE was created by artist Amamain.

Amamain is a member of the LeftHouse community and took a loving to “Lefty”, The star of the Rabbit Holes Collection. Amamain has remixed “Lefty” many times. Many of his “Lefty” works can be found in the LeftHouse / Upland Mining game created by LeftHouse called LEFT RABBIT MINING. ( See more details here: )

We are super proud that Amamain is the 2nd artist to create an ULTRA-MEGA MANSION.

The Amamain DOWN THE HOLE will go up for Auction by way of WAX on July 23rd 2021 on The Auction will last for 7 days.

Watch THE UPLAND ACTION NEWS at 1PM PST to watch a live interview with Amamain and watch as we launch the Auction here:

RABBIT HOLES are very much inspired by the NFT collection The Crypto monKeys. Crypto monKeys are freely distributed, community-driven, meme-rich digital trading cards based on NFT technology. The monKeys also auction off a maximum of 1 Crypto monKey cards every 19 days and donate 81% of the proceeds from those auctions to charitable organizations.

$LEFT has decided that the RABBIT HOLES collection would follow in the footsteps of these monKeys and steal some of their template.

RABBIT HOLES will also be freely distributed, community-driven, and will auction off the highest rarity level of each RABBIT HOLES series. Learn more about RABBIT HOLES here:

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LeftHouse is a film, music, art, fueled social money token issued by Roll. $LEFT is designed to help the artistic and creative.