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$LEFT is a social money token minted by the Roll Network by way of the Ethereum blockchain under the ERC20 standard.

Social money tokens such as $LEFT, are driven by the community. The supporting lovers of $LEFT is what makes the token go.

The way $LEFT sees it, if art grows, then we humans grow. $LEFT is made by dedicated filmmakers, musicians, and artists who believe in the power of the blockchain and the possibilities to benefit and grow art and make the world a better place. If you are an artist, or an art lover, $LEFT is a token designed with your thoughts in mind. This is the sole reason we created $LEFT, and we have come up with a handful of ways to help the $LEFT community and the world of art.

$LEFT started as LeftHouse in 2005 as a record label out of Los Angeles. By 2010, LeftHouse was producing feature films. And now in 2021, LeftHouse has become $LEFT. Bring a community experience with benefits and opportunity.

The release of the $LEFT white paper is coming soon and will explain everything you will wanna know about the token, the community, and what the future of $LEFT will look like.

To get things going, $LEFT has launch it’s first official collection of NFTs on the WAX blockchain. The collection is called RABBIT HOLES, created by $LEFT and distributed through LeftPlanet.

RABBIT HOLES are very much inspired by the NFT collection The Crypto monKeys. Crypto monKeys are freely distributed, community-driven, meme-rich digital trading cards based on NFT technology. The monKeys also auction off a maximum of 1 Crypto monKey cards every 19 days and donate 81% of the proceeds from those auctions to charitable organizations.

$LEFT has decided that the RABBIT HOLES collection would follow in the footsteps of these monKeys and steal some of their template.

RABBIT HOLES will also be freely distributed, community-driven, and will auction off the highest rarity level of each RABBIT HOLES series.

Left In Space — Rarity Level: STUDIO. Collection: Rabbit Holes Series 1

There are 5 levels in the Rabbit Holes rarity structure. Since Rabbit Holes are a creation of LeftHouse, the rarity levels go by “house” size.


A Studio level card is the your basic “common” and comes with 222 minted cards in total.


A Condo level card is our “uncommon” with 111 cards minted in total.

Left In Space — Rarity Level: CONDO. Collection: Rabbit Holes Series 1


A McMansion card comes with more bells and whistles. Movement with sound is introduced at this level. The McMansion comes with only 44 minted cards and is the Rabbit Holes “Rare” level card. Much harder to get your hands on!

Left In Space — Rarity Level: McMANSION. Collection: Rabbit Holes Series 1


The Mythical McMansion is the “Epic” level card, with only 11 cards minted in total. The card is an even more visual and audio enhanced, extended version of the McMansion level rarity, with a more cinematic frame.

Left In Space — Rarity Level: MYTHICAL McMANSION. Collection: Rabbit Holes Series 1


The highest level rarity in the Rabbit Holes collection is the Ultra-Mega Mansion. It is our “Legendary” card and there will only be 1 card minted in each Rabbit Holes series.

Each Ultra-Mega Mansion created will come from a different Artist chosen by $LEFT and the community members. The community will have a chance to vote and have influence into who is the next creator of the next Ultra-Mega Mansion/

Every Ultra-Mega Mansion created will be put up for auction and 80% of the earnings will be donated to Uplift.art to support Haitian Roots and their efforts to provide children with a proper education in Haiti.

The idea to donate our highest level NFTs to Uplift.art also comes from the Crypto MonKeys template. The model of “sharing is caring” speaks tp the heart of $LEFT.


We are honored to have DragoNate as the first artist to create The Ultra-Mega Mansion Rabbit Holes Series 1 card. DragoNate is another fellow Roll token creator. His art is next level, and we can not wait to see how he bends and twists “Lefty In Space”.

The first four rarity levels of the Rabbit Holes NFT Collection Series 1 has been released.

The Ultra-Mega Mansion by the great Dragonate, will be released and put up for auction on atomichub.io on Thursday April 1st 2021. More information will follow as we get closer to the auction date.

Many of the Rabbit Holes Cards have been given away as prizes from LeftHouse’s daily YouTube show “The Upland Action News’’, as well as in the $LEFT discord after-show-party channel. The show focuses on the happenings in the Upland metaverse, NFTs and Crypto Art news.

The Upland Action News

$LEFT plans to release their Whitepaper later in the month of March, as well as host an AMA to answer all about $LEFT, use cases, and future.

Stay tuned for more details about $LEFT and the Rabbit Holes NFT Collection. And always remember to follow the Rabbit.

Join the $LEFT community to have a ball, be creative, and grow!

Discord: https://discord.gg/2Mj5r5eETX

Telegram: https://t.me/LEFThouse

CENT https://beta.cent.co/LEFT/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LeftHouseCrypto


Always remember to follow your Rabbit Holes.




LeftHouse is a film, music, art, fueled social money token issued by Roll. $LEFT is designed to help the artistic and creative.