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The LeftHouse Collection is soon to release films by way of NFT. Powered with utility, and functionality the film industry has barely explored. With NFTs, LeftHouse plans to give movie lovers a new way to engage and experience film.

The first film LeftHouse is releasing in 2022 is,

Life On A Train The Documentary.

Life On A Train The Documentary came from Mr. LeftHouse’s love for train travel and his obsession for the odd and beautiful strangers who enjoy riding the rails as much as himself. Listen to a detailed story from a drunken fellow passenger, who is on the run from a wild pack of mid-west gangsters. While just outside the window, the epic scrolling landscapes of burnt orange deserts roll on by beyond the story tellers head. An experience of absolute living poetry.

The Life On a Train documentary was filmed over three long train rides with the goal of capturing a glimpse into the “living poetry” that Mr. LeftHouse had witnessed so many times before during his previous train rides throughout the years. Ten years before filming the Life On A Train documentary, Mr. LeftHouse wrote a screenplay of the same title “Life On A Train” with same goal of capturing the “living poetry” in the narrative format.”

Today, Mr. LeftHouse an advocate for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology aims to harness the powers of NFTs to distribute Life On A Train The Documentary. The exponential growth and mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and NFTs is a great platform to raise hype, community awareness, and a budget towards producing Life On A Train, the narrative feature film, in the near future.

Up to this point, only a few members of the film-making community have attempted to utilized NFTs as a medium for raising awareness and potential distribution. The cyrptocurrency and NFT communities have certainly seen the first wave of celebrity’s coming into the space with one off vanity projects or limited releases of their derived works, but so far not so much in the way of a full release, selling, and or renting of a film by way of NFTs.

Some recent examples of raising hype and driving engagement the communities have seen recently are the NFT membership Cards released by AMC Theaters, Spiderman, and The Matrix Resurrections NFTs tied to tangible tickets. Examples of fund raising is the Indie film, CoinRunners, which is selling a collection of 15 thousand NFTs to raise a budget to shoot their film later in 2022 and, Legend filmmaker, Kevin Smith Sold his film “Killroy Was Here” along with the films rights, by way of NFT, in an auction.

It could be argued that Mr. LeftHouse was the first to create a NFT with a feature film, by minting the film Sick Of It All. The release of Life On A Train The Documentary will be the first NFT Film to release on the WAX blockchain through NeftyBlocks on February 10th, 2020 at 1:20 P.M. PST. 100 copies of Life On A Train The Documentary will go on sale for WAX, and a special TOCUIM sale will launch at the same time.

Life On A Train The Documentary maybe purchased with TOCUIM coin and at a discounted price against WAX. TOCUIM coin is used in the play to earn train game, Train Of The Century. Train lovers get special love!

To pop off the release of Life On A Train The Documentary, Mr. LeftHouse has created a companion NFT collection called RAIL WINDOWS. Rail Windows captures the sights and sounds the train rides of Life On A Train The Documentary. Collect them all to unlock future rewards, or crack open a Rail Window pack and find yourself a WINNER! 50 lucky winners will be awarded a free NFT copy of Life On A Train The Documentary.

The Rail Windows collection drops Friday January 28th, 2022 at 1:30 P.M. PST on NeftyBlocks.


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