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A Feature Film Premiering On The WAX Blockchain.

It all began on December 21st, 2019

The world was on the edge of a total global economic meltdown. The digital currency movement known as crypto was changing the face of the financial game and sent the richest and powerful into a frenzy for control over this new money. Governments, tech giants, hackers, mafia, cartel, among other dark powerful organizations, all have a finger in the pie.

An American man who goes by the name, Bill Williams has been hit hard by the system and has lost everything, his car, his job, his home, and he does not want to lose his wife.

Bill is desperate for work and is willing to do anything to change his life around when he receives a strange message on his computer. The message leads to a meeting and a job offer. The job, a secret mission to deliver a mysterious and powerful hard-drive from Los Angeles to a person named Sir in the city of Chicago at 11:11pm on December 24th, 2019, Christmas Eve.

Of course Bill accepts the delivery job and the journey into Rabbit fueled madness Hole begins.

Will Bill Williams be able to stay alive while he stumbles his way across the country, finding his way to ultimate financial freedom for himself and every living person alive? Or Will Bill Williams loose all he has left, himself, falling further down the Rabbit Hole into the abyss of nothingness.

For the full Rabbit Hole Press Release click HERE.

Bill Williams & She´ communicate by way of a translation app, on the train to Chicago to deliver the mysterious and powerful hard-drive.

“I think it is pretty exciting to be releasing what might be the first feature film on the Wax blockchain!” — Writer, Director, & Actor, Brian McGuire

Many might know Brian McGuire as Mr.LeftHouse from the daily stream he host, known as the LEFT ACTION HOUSE show. A show about all things crypto, mainly dealing with NFTs, crypto gaming, music, film, and web3.

McGuire or Mr.LeftHouse first found the crypto space in 2017 and right away, he was most excited about the crazy, strange, and mysterious lore surrounding the coins and began dreaming up a story for a movie that could capture the madness of the crypto. Two years later, Rabbit Hole was filmed and in the can! Now, Rabbit Hole is ready for release!

Not only did the crypto space send Mr.LeftHouse’s brain down the Rabbit Hole filmmaking challenge, it also sent him down the Rabbit Hole of blockchain tech, and how it could help filmmakers, musicians, and crypto gamers.

This brings us to how you will be able to watch Rabbit Hole the movie.


The Watch, Listen, Play, & Earn, Film/Music Streaming, Collectible Trading Card Game, living on the WAX blockchain.

A NFT/FT eco-system for filmmakers and musicians to grow their communities and fan base by sharing their feature/short films, animations, music videos, music by way of owning your own theater/venue and set up exclusive membership club passes, set up your store, host giveaways, creating the Watch & Earn system.

At the “ALPHA” launch of the Movie City Cinema, there will be 2 ways to function with in the MCC.

To Play the Movie City Cinema game in “ALPHA”, you will need an Action Family ClubCard to operate as your MCC Theater Manger. Then you will need Theaters and Posters to stake for “TICKETS”. Use “TICKETS” to level up your Theaters to earn quicker, or exchange your. “TICKETS” for $ACTION tokens.

To Watch the movie Rabbit Hole, you will need to purchase a Rabbit Hole Film Club Pass. Once you are holding the Film Club Pass in your wallet, you will have access to the Rabbit Hole Theater, were you will be able to earn $ACTION token while you watch. There will be a few ways to earn $ACTION token for RH Film Club Pass Holders, like sharing RH content, and Club Pass Contest, etc.

The Movie City Cinema is the perfect way to release Rabbit Hole, as the crypto based narrative lines up with the tech, which will enhance the viewing experience.

For more details about Movie City Cinema click HERE.

Rabbit Hole the movie and the Movie City Cinema launches on November 17th, 2022.

Be first and get in early for Rabbit Hole the movie collectables, and the Movie City Cinema Pre-sale with the launch of the $LEFT Club Membership Program.

For all details about the $LEFT Club Membership Program HERE.

Please reach out with questions. We look forward to your comments, and we can’t wait to see you all at The Rabbit Hole Theater in the Movie City Cinema in November.

LeftHouse Discord: https://discord.gg/4BcK8E9ubv

LeftHouse Twitter: https://twitter.com/LeftHouseRecord




LeftHouse is a film, music, art, fueled social money token issued by Roll. $LEFT is designed to help the artistic and creative.