3 min readMay 13, 2022

The Transformation Vacation begins at 2pm pst May 17th 2022

The Key!

If you don’t know about the ACTION FAMILY CLUBCARD, here is the deal. It’s a FAMILY of ACTION and a CLUBCARD that comes with some pretty special utilities and perks.

Holding 1 ACTION FAMILY CLUBCARD gets you into the daily exclusive giveaway on the NFT ACTION NEWS show at 1pm to 3pm pst.

Holding 1 ACTION FAMILY CLUBCARD also gives you a chance to submit your ACTION FAMILY CLUBCARD to star in our animation series.

Holding 1 ACTION FAMILY CLUBCARD gives you discounts on LEFTHOUSE NFTs, Gets you into locked ACTION FAMILY rooms in the LeftHouse Collective Discord:

Holding 1 ACTION FAMILY CLUBCARD gets you into one a club of some of the smartest, kindest, and most real people in the space.

Holding more than 1 ACTION FAMILY CLUBCARD, well that’s were it really gets interesting. Take a look at this article that will give you all the details:

But wait, there’s more! Big plans are coming in the 2nd half of 2022 for the ACTION FAMILY CLUBCARD and the CLUBCARD carrying members. But, before we can brake that news, the ACTION FAMILY needs a TRANSFORMATION VACATION!


On May 17th 2022, you will be able to send a family of 5 ACTION FAMILY CLUBCARDS on a Vacation to Egypt. Once in Egypt your Family will experience a very psychedelic experience involving a Pyramid, A Lock, and The Key! Once all these items come together, golden transformation magic happens!!

Your 5 ACTION FAMILY CLUBCARDS that you sent on vacation will not return the same. In fact, they will not return at all! Your 5 CLUBCARDS become 1 powerful ACTION FAMILY CLUBCARD GOLD!

The ACTION FAMILY CLUBCARD GOLD has the power of 10 gen 1 ACTION FAMILY CLUBCARDS! What does this mean in technical terms? It means that now that you are holding an ACTION FAMILY CLUBCARD GOLD, you will receive double the amount in the quarterly Airdrops.

5 AFCC= 1 AFCCG = The power of 10 AFCC.

The quarterly Airdrops begin in June 2022. Originally the Airdrops were meant to begin on sell out of the 1,111 ACTION FAMILY CLUBCARDS. We have not yet reached the sellout, but we are close to hitting the 50% sellout mark, and we decided to LFG on the Airdrops to show that we mean business!

Do you have The Key?

The Transformation Vacation Drop Link:

The TRANSFORMATION VACATION begins at 2pm pst May 17th 2022

Say Goodbye to these OG’s! They going on a Vacation!

The ACTION FAMILY CLUBCARD is brought to you by LeftHouse. LeftHouse is a film, music, art production and distribution house, living in the crypto/NFT space. See to learn more about LeftHouse & The ACTION FAMILY CLUBCARD GOLD.




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